About us

The company has a long tradition in the production of sunflower oil, dated from 1918. The factory was founded then, known as the “Oil Donevi”. Early production was primitive - sheet tray for baking the seeds and hand-operated wooden press to squeeze the oil. Over time, technology has gradually improved and modernized and production increases.

Company “ROSA” was established in 1991 and in 1997 was privatized and registered as a private joint stock company “ROSA” AD (JSC). “ROSA” AD is a company for the production of vegetable oils without extraction. It is equipped with thermal and moisture production line for processing, pressing and filtration of crude oils. There are facilities for full refining mechanized bottling lines and laboratory control of production. Now consists of three platforms – one manufacturing and two storerooms.

The company employs 160 highly qualified executives, professionals and workers who are given the opportunity to continuously improve their knowledge and experience.

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