If you want a culinary delight this is possible with oil “ROSA”.

The shopping list of the company includes liquid crude, refined sunflower oils and bottled oils. Sunflower oil with the trademark “Rosa” is bottled in bottles produced from PET /polietilentiriftalat/ suitable for food use. Cuts are in 1, 5 and 10 liters.

Oil with trademark “ROSA” is sought and preferred food commodity in the domestic and foreign markets because of its good qualities.


The unrefined sunflower oil „Rosa“ is extracted from high quality peeled sunflower kernels via cold pressing (straining), without heating and excluding chemical treatment. This is followed by natural precipitation and fine filtration.
The manner of extraction preserves the characteristic taste and aroma of the sunflower seeds. This preserves all valuable properties of the oil, which is extremely rich in vitamin Е with high content of omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids (linoleic and и oleic acid), a valuable source of lecithin and vitamin А.
The cold pressed unrefined sunflower oil „Rosa” is suitable for healthy nutrition and diets. It is mainly used for raw consumption and as an ingredient of various cold dishes – salads, dressings, vegetable purees, and sandwiches.
The correct storage of the oil in a dark, dry, and cool place is important for preservation of its valuable qualities.
The product is offered in glass bottles of 0,5l volume.


Eco-briquettes “Rosa” – Decision for the winter - Easy and Convenient Heat!

Briquettes of “Rosa” AD (JSC) are produced exclusively from sunflower husk, technological waste from the production of oil. They are wonderfully clean fuel and could replace fuels such as coal, wood, briquettes from coal dust, fuel oil, etc. They are obtained by extrusion under high pressure and temperature without any further addition of binders. Naturally present in sunflower husk lignin melts at temperatures above 100 ° C and acquires bond quality pack.

Sunflower husk briquettes contain no harmful emissions and resins. Their sound quality is determined by their high calorific value, low void content of the released emissions. A ton of sunflower husk briquettes in terms of calorific value equivalents to 1.90 tons of firewood, 1.4 tons brown coal briquettes, 2.5 tons of coal dust or 500L fuel oil.


  • Convenient for transport and storage
  • Do not contaminate storerooms
  • It is not attacked by rodents

We offer:

  • Packaged in paper bags of 15 kg - Pallet of 60 bags.
  • Unpacked - bulk or pallet of briquettes weighing approximately around 1 ton per pallet.


Expeller “Rosa” - energy and protein for your animals and birds.

Sunflower expeller /cake/ is obtained by extracting fat from oilseeds by compression screw presses without extraction. Sunflower expeller is a traditional protein raw material for the production of compound feed for livestock needs. The content of crude protein and energy nutrition of the expeller, the presence of phosphorus, potassium and magnesium makes it a valuable ingredient in compound feed for poultry, livestock and fish.
Sold in bulk for trucks.


Fishing cake successfully used in fishing. Bait is of large tiles that form a “cloud” of food particles with smell. Attracts all kinds of fish as a “magnet”. It is wrapped in packages of 1 kg.

Hit or miss with the cake “Rosa”.